Runa HR

SalesForce Administrator

Report to:

Sales Manager

Position Summary:

Runa's commercial area is at the heart of closing revenue, we use all our experience and tools known and unknown to achieve our goals based on metrics, processes, and systems. Our system base is SFDC. If you are a SFDC Ninja, understand the business processes and like to work with the commercial area, to train, help them with the SFDC processes, detect areas of opportunity and improvements to the SFDC processes and report and look for enhancements and new tool integration, this role is for you. The ideal candidate will excel at making processes more efficient and automated in order to meet key business goals

Your primary focus will be to lead our SFDC system in the sales cycle process, analyze Salesforce (SFDC) data and processes to identify improvements, execute on SFDC to assess sales team performance, enhance the sales team productivity and effectiveness, and implement analytics-driven solutions in SFDC. You should be comfortable and confident with sales data and reports, compensation and incentive plans, sales processes, customer and marketing data


  • Design, development, analysis, and implementation/configuration of new and actual sales processes and procedures in SFDC.
  • Make requirements changes in SFDC
  • Training Sales Area in SFDC, How to use, new process,
  • Be able to implement integrations with other systems to improve processes or be more efficient
  • Analyze sales funnel data to determine potential improvements in the process
  • Build reports, dashboards, and create processes to continuously monitor data quality in SFDC.
  • Maintain and improve existing sales reports and designing new reports as needed
  • Work closely with Sales Operations to have full control of the business process


  • Previous operations experience, preferably in startups/strategy / consulting or related experience
  • Previous experience with the SFDC platform in administration, configuration, and integrations, as well as with other sales tools.
  • Ability to create and modify visual flows and triggers through the Process Builder and Flow Designer.
  • Expertise with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets functions and data manipulation (e.g., pivot tables)
  • Have a SFDC Admin certification or equivalent Trailhead/Trailblazer rank
  • Must demonstrate exceptional verbal, listening, and written communication skills
  • Willingness to keep learning
  • Self-motivated and able to thrive in a results-driven environment
  • Customer-oriented by nature
  • Team player, high energy, and reliable
  • Professional proficiency in English