Runa HR

At P&T, one of our two key areas of focus is Business Efficiency, whose team is playfully named BFF.

BFF focuses on business users like Customer Support, Marketing, Product, and Finance, building for them applications, services, tools and automations that help scale their work with improved efficiency and efficacy.

This role is about

Supporting the ongoing work at our team as an individual contributor.

You will be expected to familiarize yourself quickly with our existing Ruby on Rails backend to contribute with improvements and features on those codebases.

You will also take part in new initiatives that we are building with a microservices architecture on NodeJs using TypeScript.

From a business perspective, your work will be related to the administrative internal parts of our payroll product where we manage company organization structure, HR functions and payroll calculations.

This will require you to add or update API endpoints on the RoR codebase, and create new endpoints and integrations on new NodeJs-based microservices.

You will touch sections of the product that deal with user authentication, company and user relationships, payment integrations, billing calculations, invoicing, 3rd party integrations, emailing and more.

You will actively write code and review pull requests from other members of the team while closely collaborating with our stakeholders to understand business requirements.

You will work as part of the team, join the team’s agile and scrum ceremonies, collaborate asynchronously on Jira, Confluence, GSuite and Slack as well as in-person on Google Hangouts and Zoom. We use GitHub, CircleCI and AWS tooling for our builds and production deployments.

We cluster our meetings in Mexico City mornings between 9am and 12pm (GMT-5) in order to enjoy distraction-free work in the afternoons. We expect at least 4, preferably 6 hours of overlap with the Mexico City business hours of 9am to 5pm.

We expect from you to

  • Bring in over 6 years of experience or equivalent expertise that match the role
  • Be creative in solving problems, be pragmatic in solutions, understand that code is not everything
  • Proactively seek out information from all available sources and partners
  • Design, develop, modify, implement, and support software components anywhere in the Software stack.
  • Quickly discover, learn about and adopt third party tools when it makes more sense
  • Determine root cause for the most complex software issues and develop practical, efficient, and permanent technical solutions.
  • Contribute to the ongoing evolution of existing solutions.
  • Assist in task planning and estimation
  • Be at expert level with the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework
  • Be able to make modifications to existing backend RoR REST APIs, add new ones as necessary
  • Consume and make recommendations for improvements over existing REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Be sufficiently familiar with NodeJs and TypeScript to create new GraphQL API endpoints for SQL database backends
  • Have a good grasp of SQL
  • Write your tests before your code
  • Enjoy writing product and technical documents about your work
  • Prefer working in an established process with agile approach and delivery