Runa HR

Platforms and Tools, Business Efficiency
Level 5 Senior Software Engineer

We are Runa

Runa is changing the way people work in Latin America. The first step in that mission was to create an automated payroll product for the 17.5MM SMBs that rely on Excel. Moving forward, Runa will expand its product offering to include an ecosystem of financial services and benefits that will improve how companies operate and how employees work. With a recent valuation of $75MM, Runa is backed by Ribbit Capital, Salesforce Ventures, and Y-Combinator.

We are P&T BFF

At the heart of every product, lies the pillars that drive performance, scale, longevity, quality and speed.

At P&T, we have two distinct areas of focus; Developer Experience, which we call DevX and Business Efficiency, playfully named BFF. Together we empower everyone at Runa to do the best work of their life.

DevX achieves this by building and integrating libraries, services, platforms, automations and applications that other engineers at Runa can leverage to build products that encompass the qualities we strive for.

Meanwhile, BFF focuses on business users like Customer Support, Marketing, Product, and Finance, building for them applications, services, tools and automations that help scale their work with improved efficiency and efficacy.

We are remote

We are a distributed team working from different parts of the world across Latin America, North America and Europe. We put strong emphasis on written asynchronous communication, but we also appreciate the value of in-person interaction.

Our business hours are 9am to 5pm in Mexico City time zone (GMT-5) and we expect our team to have at least 4 hours of overlap in the mornings where we cluster most of our meetings in order to enjoy meeting-free afternoons for focused work.

We use Jira, Confluence, Slack, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides to capture our progress as well as Google Hangouts and Zoom for video conferencing.

We use GitHub, CircleCI and AWS tooling for our builds and production deployments.

We live by our values

We believe in creative diversity as much as natural alignment. The common denominator in our values as fellow humans are

Take control of the outcome: "own." Ensure a successful solution by owning the process, actions and outcomes.

Support others: "collaborate." Achieve your goals with your team

Open a new path: "explore." Create a better way to do things.

Surpass the expectations: "shine." Leave them with a reason to smile.

Have fun: "smile." Enjoy what you do and do it well.

This role is about

Becoming a highly autonomous member of the Business Efficiency squad, owning multiple initiatives throughout the year and building and maintaining features end to end.

You will partner with your Product and Delivery Leads to groom, break down and prioritize our backlog.

You will be supported by your Engineering and QA leads to ensure you are unblocked and provided with the right tools and assurance to succeed.

A dedicated UX/UI designer will support you with user research and detailed UI designs.

Your Tech Lead will be supporting you all the way by exploring options, developing PoCs, writing documentation, identifying and mitigating technical risk together with you.

You will receive close coaching and mentoring to reduce complexity, improve maintainability and adopt best practices.

You will be challenged by the pace and growth of a scale-up as well as technical needs of a company moving from a Ruby on Rails monolith to a microservices architecture built on multiple technology stacks like NodeJs and .NetCore.

You will build new APIs, debug and maintain existing ones as well as building and maintaining user interfaces for the browser.

You know you are

Experienced in building highly modular, extensible, maintainable and horizontally scalable software.

You probably delete more code than you write. You can’t but recognize patterns in otherwise seemingly unrelated code. You thrive in abstracting patterns and simplifying code one refactor after another.

You don’t feel content until you share patterns and best practices with everyone. You keep asking yourself, how what you do could have been easier, what is harder than it needs to be.

Backends, APIs, frontends, libraries, services, UI components are all the same to you. For you, they are problem domains that require solutions through code that needs to be compatible with a set of APIs provided by the environment they execute in.

You have probably worked in large teams as well as won single-handed achievements. You are still drawn to those parts of the code that, when done right, naturally and organically brings maintainability and speed of development for anyone else who would work on it with or after you.

Perhaps, it does not take a software developer to read your code, it is usually so simple and clear that you might as well ask a random stranger for a quick review of your PR. Your coding style is like your signature and is easily recognized.

You have discovered for yourself that you think in terms of product rather than technology. You focus on deeply understanding the problem so that the solution reveals itself to you. Architecting and documenting before building is your natural approach. Your tests are concise yet effective.

For you, coding your solution is the most straightforward part of your daily routine.

You will like this because

What comes naturally to you is literally your job definition.

In a world that often sacrifices quality over speed, you will be amused by our emphasis on quality, maintainability, longevity, yet you want to be challenged to bring that all together with speed.

You will especially enjoy being surrounded by like minded people. You’ll not only be privileged to offer them technical guidance, but enjoy being challenged by their own autonomy and agency.

Having direct access to a dedicated QA lead is going to be a daily indulgence for you. Knowing that an engineering lead is there with organizational, tooling, and process support, as well as dedicated product and delivery leaders will give you the right focus in technology, for which there yet is another focused leader ready to support you.

You will bring ever increasing efficiency to Runa because that’s how you like to operate yourself.

As you automate all the things, your work is going to impact our entire business.

Your immediate projects will include

  • Add new behaviors to some existing systems
  • Get our onboarding system to production-ready
  • Integrate new authentication system
  • Build a new authorization system
  • Build a new audit log infrastructure
  • Integrate online payments for our systems
  • Create billings and invoicing services

We expect from you to

  • Bring in over 6 years of experience or equivalent expertise that match the role
  • Obsess over solving business problems with technology
  • Ensure a consistent, yet ever-improving set of standards for our software
  • Contribute to the ongoing evolution of existing solutions.
  • Design, develop, modify, implement, and support software components anywhere in the Software stack.
  • Determine root cause for the most complex software issues and develop practical, efficient, and permanent technical solutions.
  • Assist in task planning, estimation, scheduling, and hiring.
  • Coach and mentor other engineers, review their code and level them up to your standards
  • Work in close partnership with cross-functional teams and management to understand their most pressing and impactful needs
  • Know when to build, when to buy, but how best to integrate those that you buy
  • Remain current on new technologies, evaluate and make recommendations

We’d be happy if you

  • Very comfortable in Ruby on Rails
  • Strong in JavaScript and preferably TypeScript
  • Are very comfortable in both NodeJs and browser environments
  • Already have a React foundation
  • Have built APIs on REST and GraphQL
  • Have a good grasp of SQL
  • Had hands-on experience with microservices using message and event-based architectures
  • Write your tests before your code
  • Enjoy writing about your learnings and achievements
  • Prefer working in an established process with agile approach and delivery